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By Deby Harper

So you want to start exercising and improving your lifestyle. It doesn't matter so much where you go to begin your fitness regimen, but who you work with once you're there. The relationship between the wellness/fitness professional and client can mean the difference between a program that's a quick start/early fizzle, or a lifelong health habit. Wellness/Fitness professionals affect their clients or members by how they listen, communicate and interact with each other. One bad experience can keep people away from exercise for year, so the relationship developed with the wellness/fitness professional is a key element in your ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered why some people continually start and stop exercising, others stick to one plan forever but never see results, some never start at all, and still others commit to a program and do see results? We all have different sources of motivation and different goals based on our preferred behavioral tendencies. A careful examination of the preferred exercise environment, exercise partners, and other behavioral styles will reveal what works — and doesn't — for you. With that in mind, find a workout you enjoy and that feels good.

Exercise during the time of day most conducive to your success and enjoyment. Choose an instructor who's able to activate your natural motivators. You will continue working out permanently for your reasons, not because a trainer said to push it, move it, do more, be more. Is your trainer with you in the process, or just going through the motions? Know what you want and what you need, what your likes and dislikes are, communicate clearly, and persist with your trainer until you arrive at a program that's the most comfortable, effective way for you to see results. Train your trainer to work with you and speak to you in ways that both encourage and motivate you for permanent change. A workout is a wise use of time when it unlocks your own personal power, physically and emotionally. When you finish a quality workout with an effective instructor, you don't just feel better, you feel better about yourself.

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