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One way to understand the insights you can pick up from using the Lifestyle Insights System.


We've already described the four core behaviors:

spacergif D is for Dominance
  I is for Influencing
  S is for Steadiness
  C is for Compliance
Now, we can provide some examples of behaviors which anyone might observe among their friends or clients in the health club and exercise arena.


When shopping for a new fitness center..
D: Joins the first club they see and is ready to workout that day.
I: Talks to everyone at the club they visit and joins the flashiest one.
S: Visits several clubs looking for the same equipment they used in high school.
C: Asks questions about instructor's qualifications, types of equipment, hours, policies and procedures of the club.

The first meeting with their new Professional Trainer..
D: Wants to get started NOW, without talking about the "how to".
I: Talks so much you never get started
S: Sits quietly and lets you design a program that's pretty consistent to what they are accustomed to.
C: Takes precise notes regarding the program and is ready to follow a set routine in which exact pounds, heart rate, and METS can be checked off.

When working with a personal trainer, setting goals for an exercise program.
D: Wants to workout 7 days per week, lose 10 pounds per week and does not put that commitment in writing.
I: Wants to set goals but really isn't good at setting them-really needs help and guidance. so much guidance you never get started.
S: Wants solid, systematic, low risk short term goals (lose I pound per week).
C: Wants precise goals written down with dates and specific numbers (Target heart rates, pound increases in the bench press) along with data to back up the program.

Working with their Personal Trainer on designing a new exercise program.
D: Wants a program that allows efficient movement from machine to machine.
I: Wants something different from workout to workout.
S: Wants a system but isn't really concerned about the format.
C: Wants an exact program on a sheet that can be checked off after the completion of every workout.

Can they follow a simple rule: "NO WATER in the workout area"?
D: Often brings water because he/she needs it.
I: Does not even know that there is such a rule.
S: Follows it because he/she knows what a problem it is.
C: Never brings water, does not even consider it because of the rule.

What's their response when the facility has been renovated over the weekend (new paint job,
new machines, new arrangement of equipment)?
D: Says: "Hey, this is great"
I: Does not even know that anything has been changed, too busy socializing with others.
S: Was just getting used to it the old way. Besides no-one announced it was going to happen.
C: Wants to know if the change will have an impact on the workout session.


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