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Knowing Yourself May Be The Key To Your Success

By Deby Harper

As you ease into your new program, take time to honestly assess yourself:

  • Are you looking for another quick fix or a process that will work for a lifetime?
  • What environment is good for you?
  • Do you prefer to exercise alone or in a group?
  • What's the best time of day for you to get your workout in?
  • How can you set yourself up to experience an appetite for exercise?
You don't need to join another gym or spend hours at a time to get started.

The Personal Fitness System (PFS) is a tool that accurately determines your fitness profile. As part of a lifetime plan, the PFS will provide you with keys for unlocking your full fitness potential. It can serve as a user's manual to your individual fitness style. Sari Lewis, an occupational therapist and fitness/wellness consultant, is excited to see a tool that is so simple, yet so accurate and effective.

You know that you think, feel and act differently from others, so why should you be on the same fitness regimen as others?

The PFS helps you to know yourself and how you respond to exercise or fitness programs. It gives you the advantage of being successful in the following ways:
  • Take an active role in determining what's right for you, not what's wrong with you.
  • Choose a program that makes you aware of your natural strengths not your weaknesses.
  • Be flexible in determining a creative way to shift your patterns to allow you to succeed.
If you feel good when you are done with your routine, and see results, you will look forward to your next workout. Enjoy the journey, instead of just looking at the end goal.

To obtain more information regarding the Personal Fitness System contact Deby Harper at PFS Insights. 480-951-0822.


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