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By Deby Harper

Could it be that your mind is keeping you from seeing the results of all your workouts.

Even though participation in exercise is high, and it is widely accepted that it is good for you, people consider it to be a chore. They feel it is something they have to do , or dread to do, and they can't wait until it is over. How many people do you know that actually look forward to exercising.

Have you ever heard:
"I'm too old to start exercising now, it'll never work."
"It has never worked in the past, why should it work now."
"I hate to exercise, it's something I force myself to do."
"I'm too fat."
"It will take forever."
Changing your attitude may be the first step to success.

These self-defeating attitudes can sabotage any chances of you being successful and increases the liklihood of injury. It also creates additional stress and that is unhealthy.

The challenges of busy schedules, finding childcare and over crowded facilities add additional burdens and stress.

Tips on improving your attitude toward exercise:
  • Use your mind and think about your workout before you do it.
  • Visualize yourself going through the motions before you actually exercise. Mental rehearsal can actually prepare the body for exercise.
  • Imagine yourself enjoying your workout, and be aware of how good it makes you feel.
  • Create a picture of how you want to look and feel.
  • The sure way to success is wanting to succeed.
Set realistic goals and make sure your exercise is FUN and REWARDING. Unless you have a lot more discipline than most, you won't stick to an exercise program regimen that's unrewarding.

For additional information on how to get the most out of your workout contact: Deby Harper at Lifestyle Insights. 480-570-8149


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