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Media Contact: Deby Harper
Trigon Lifestyle Insights

Resolve that 2006 will be the Healthiest and Happiest for YOU and YOUR Employees!

PHOENIX - Everyone thinks, feels and acts differently from everyone else -- so why should all of your employees have the same fitness/wellness regimen?

Help your employees discover their unique Fitness/Wellness Personality and enable them to create a fitness/wellness plan that works just for them -- based on what will work for them as an individual. Knowing their unique Fitness/Wellness Personality will give them the advantage of being successful and empowering them to:

  • Take an active role in determining what's right for them, not what's wrong with them
  • Become aware of their strengths and strategies that will help them maximize their results
  • Discover personal motivators to keep them engaged in their plan

So how do your employees find out their Fitness/Wellness Personality ? Lifestyle Insights !

Lifestyle Insights provides a computer-generated assessment survey that will reveal an employee's Fitness Personality in just 8 minutes! Most people spend years of trial-and-error and many failed attempts to find an exercise or fitness program that works - with Lifestyle Insights it takes just 8 minutes!

Each employee will receive a customized, 95-percent accurate, 20-page profile --that is detailed and specific insight into the right program and motivation to start and maintain an exercise or wellness program to begin a lifetime of positive self-awareness and change.

Fitness and wellness professional, Deby Harper, Lifestyle Insights, is emphatic about her Fitness Personality process and how it differs from the old routine of joining a gym, wellness program, or hiring a personal trainer where they tell you what you need to do with out really knowing or understanding anything about you. They do initial assessments and tell you everything that is wrong with you, "Basically, my program helps you understand yourself so you can be more successful in knowing what is going to work for you, and the habits/ barriers that have kept you from being successful with past programs"

Make this year's fitness resolutions reality for your employees!

"The moment a person decides to make a serious lifestyle change is the moment this tool is needed," Harper believes. Unlocking the insight into self-understanding is the key to motivating each person involved in an exercise/ wellness program and keeping them motivated. "It's no wonder that nine out of ten people who begin a fitness program lose interest and quit within the first year. You have to understand your mental approach to exercise and be comfortable with yourself before any fitness program has a chance of being successful."

Why is employee Fitness/Wellness Personality so important for a company?

Recently, Tommy Thompson, former U.S. Secretary of Health Services and longtime governor of Wisconsin said,"With the dramatic rise in health-care costs, companies need to get more aggressive in their efforts to get their employees to adopt healthier lifestyles". Today companies spend millions of dollars each year on health education and while employees typically know what they should do, the anxiety and stress related with changing their lifestyle keeps many from changing.

When employees understand their Fitness/Wellness Personality , they know what motivates them to make healthy lifestyle changes and what gives them energy. Consequently, these personal lifestyle changes result in: reduced health care cost, increased productivity, managed stress, improved employee moral, better working relationships -- for a healthier and happier employee.


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