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You're Exercising, Eating Properly and Still No Results:

Might STRESS Be The Culprit For Your Weight Retention or Weight Gain?
By Deby Harper

Why do some of us retain weight while others stay slim regardless of their diet or exercise level? By now metabolism is a household word, but the ultimate culprit behind the accumulation of body fat may be another demon called STRESS.

According to cardiologist Dr. Robert Eliot founder of the Institute of Stress Medicine in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, "We live in bodies designed to respond to physical stress, yet our present-day challenges generally involve the emotional and abstract mental conflict arising from professional competition, interpersonal discord, financial insecurities, deadlines, bureaucratic hassles, raising children and demanding telephone callers. While "you may disagrees with your boss." says Dr. Eliot, "you probably wouldn't wrestle him/her to the ground." Nevertheless, just thinking about the problem may invisibly evoke the ancestral physiology of all-out, mortal combat"

When stressed, your brain prescribes a powerful chemical called cortisol. In response, the bode takes action:
  • Metabolism drops and gastric acid increases, maximizing the calories you get from your food.
  • The body retains vital chemicals, such as sodium causing a bloated feeling.
  • High energy fats and blood clotting agents are release into your bloodstream.
  • Energy is diverted from your immune system.
  • Sex hormones are dramatically suppressed.
  • Cholesterol can increase.
  • Stressed individuals may experience feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration, and fatigue, leading to lowered self esteem and self confidence.
Deby Harper in Scottsdale, Arizona specializes in Stress Management. Using an assessment tool we can see the impact that behavior and, in particular excessive STRESS can have on the human body.

At Lifestyle Insights, self-destructive attitudes, behaviors, and life situations are assessed then followed with the implementation of a treatment plan. If STRESS is the culprit in your weight gain and accumulation of body fat your body and pocketbook may wear out before you ever see the results of all your efforts with exercise and diet programs.

But Stress is learned. It can be unlearned. With the guidance of professionals trained in stress medicine and a conscious personal effort you can finally become a healthy and fit person.

For more information contact Deby Harper at Lifestyle Insights. 480-570-8149


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