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Lifestyle Insights is a new technology, designed and developed to provide a revolutionary new process for fitness and wellness enthusiasts and their trainers. Lifestyle Insights will help assess those personal behavioral tendencies and motivational characteristics that can make the difference in success or failure of a fitness or wellness program.

Since about 400 BC, human behavior has been the subject of study and efforts to explain why certain behavior occurs and how to change it or modify it. Even as long ago as Hippocrates, he had observed consistent behaviors among people and had related both behavior and appearance to four types of terrain and climate. In more modern times, Carl Jung also identified four "psychological types", which were further divided into two more divisions, introverted and extroverted. In the first half of the 1900's, Dr. William Marston finally began the development of a new DISC language to describe people's behavior. Such behaviors ranged along two axes, tending to be active or passive, depending on whether an individual viewed the environment as antagonistic or favorable. When the axes were viewed at right angles, four quadrants of behavior were formed:


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