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I was in a point in my life, overweight, overworked, tired, anxious, not sleeping well and I knew I need to make some serious life changes before my lifestyle took a serious toll on my health. The company I work for had a Kick-Off on January 14th and one of our class presentations was hosted by Deby Harper.  It was a turning point for me.  What I didn't need was another exercise program or a diet, but an instruction manual specifically designed for me.  I took the personality assessment, I evaluated myself  by using the worksheets Deby provided and I was on my way.  I began my change by incorporating some physical activity into my life.  Something diverse and fun, something that I would stick with.  For me, it was some DVD's that incorporate dance and yoga.  I also began walking. 

On January 27th, Deby met with me at work and we reviewed "sitting on the ball", posture, exercises, how to walk, food choices and a lot more.  It was so beneficial.  We also talked about my natural tendencies and how I want to feel.  We went over the benefits that I would experience in my life when I make these changes, and boy, are there a lot of them! It's now been a month since I first attended Deby's class.  I'm sleeping better, I feel better, I'm not as anxious, I have more energy, my back isn't hurting as much. I'm doing my yoga dance tapes and I'm walking (correctly) with a positive mindset.  I'm on "the ball" and I'm just focusing on the positive changes in me.  I know it's going to be some work, but it took 43 years to get to the downward spiral I was on, so I'm going to be patient, focused and work on telling a new story for myself.   I really appreciate all the assistance Deby has provided me, the one-on-one work has been so valuable to this process and I just want to say..... Thanks Deby!

- Jeane, Kimley Horn

What I learned from the Lifestyle Insights process is that the way to make significant changes for my health and life is from the inside out.  I chose self awareness to be my main focus because I believe it will help me achieve all of the goals I have created.  To illustrate my point I remember clearly thinking, "Aha, if I feel good about myself I am not going to want to put crap in my body." 

I loved the way Deby took me through all the questions.  Her process forced me to be in reality about myself.  I gained a new perspective that I hadn't realized before even though I am extremely knowledgeable about self help processes and exercise programs.

If I were spending a significant amount of money to go to one of the best spas in the country I would want to walk away from it with a life long change process.   The Spa experience that I am looking for is not just to play, but to feel fabulous, not just on the outside but about who I am as a unique individual.

The bottom line is that Lifestyle Insights creates focus, direction and awareness which acts as a catalyst for sustainable results.  This process changes you from the inside out.

- Sheri, Leadership Development Consultant

I feel like you really listened and understood what I was saying and going through. I have told you things that I was feeling or thinking that I have not told anyone before. That  was liberating and took a lot of weight off my shoulders. I guess I have been talking to the wrong people and feel lke I found the right listener.

I am sick and tired of being told by others about all these programs that I should try and feel demoralized how many times I have started and failed. Now I am looking for a teacher and or guide to start working things out.

- Scott, Gothic Landscape


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